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Falling In Love With Edmonton #1: The Table Top Café

May 13th, 2015 by salsellshomes

Whether you’ve lived in Edmonton your whole life or you’re brand new to the city, there is always something new to fall in love with about Edmonton! If you’re looking for nightlife, we’ve got it! If you’re looking for the tranquility of nature, we’ve got that too! Our restaurant selections are constantly growing and evolving to the delight of foodies everywhere! At Sal Haji and Associates we don’t like to recommend anything we haven’t personally tried, so over the course of a few months we will be issuing a series of blog posts that cover some of the reasons we keep falling in love with Edmonton.

The Table Top Café

The first of its kind for Edmonton (Although a similar place has popped up on Whyte Avenue), The Table top café offers patrons a chance to kick back and relax with some good food and a massive selection of board games! A comfortable atmosphere in which friends and families can connect face to face. They offer a traditional café menu, all food is made in-house and sourced locally when possible. The Table Top Café is a family friendly place (while still being a licensed venue) that offers over 200 board game selections for all ages and skill levels. The friendly staff are always awesome to talk with and are great for recommending different games for every interest! If you’re thinking about checking it out on a Friday or Saturday night, we highly recommend calling ahead to make a reservation as it’s a small venue that fills up quickly.  Just in case you need more reasons to visit, we’ve included a copy of their menu to further entice you! If you would like to learn more about the table top café, please visit their website:

Table Top Menu







Maximize Your Curb Appeal

October 16th, 2012 by salsellshomes

With such a competitive real estate market, such as the one we see in Edmonton, curb appeal is something that can give your home instant appeal and prospective value to the potential buyers.  Here are some things that the team at Sal Haji and Associates would like you to consider:

  • The significance of the Internet – With about 80% of clients starting their real estate adventure online, a picture of your house is likely to be your homes only chance of making a first impression.  Now, you’re dealing with a whole new level of curb appeal where your house can be visually compared with many others at the click of a mouse. If this moment is not captured well and maximized, this may be an opportunity lost.
  • The season – Edmonton as we all know, has the best of all seasons. Rain, Snow, Hail, Heat so it’s important for the homeowner to commit to having the home ready to show in all conditions.

Summer/Spring: The lawns should be maintained, walks and balconies kept free of debris, flowerbeds clean and weeded.  Flowerpots are always a nice touch! Here’s a Money Saving Hint: If you have the time to plan ahead, seeds require just about the same amount of effort as potted plants and are a fraction of the cost.

Fall: While the leaves can add a certain romance to the season, this can be a sign of poor maintenance to a potential buyer. It is important to have the lawn raked and gutters cleaned and free of buildup. When a buyer sees dripping water from the eaves troughs, They will automatically think long term damage.

Winter: If the house is being shown in the winter, making sure that walks are clear of snow is a given, but other hazards can also arise.  A lack of good lighting can lead to potential accidents during showings, a good idea would be to purchase solar lights for the pathways as it gets dark so early during the winter months. This will alleviate any potential spills! If the eaves troughs have been properly maintained you will also avoid ice damning on your roof line.

  • Locks, Doorknobs, and Handles – Picture this: An agent is walking a prospective buyer up to your home, they approach the door and everyone is forced to wait while the agent fumbles with the keys in the door because the lock is loose. Putting up such an immediate barrier can really start a showing off on a bad foot.  A quick and cheap solution would be to change the front door lock. This could dramatically change the buyers first impression of your home.
  • Need Cheap Decorating Ideas?– There are so many great websites that are geared towards decorating on a budget! One of our favorite websites for design and home improvement ideas is, This website offers a veritable plethora  of home décor tips for any sized budget.
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